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Index: A.

Abba? (October 23, 1981)
Ah took thet marywanna needle and ah stuck it in mah armmmm ...
Akita! { Akita! }
ALIVE ... ALIVE (1995)
All <x> all the time
And I hayulped!
And I really think that OOF!
And in my homeland. (2000)
And it’s not part of the car! (March 6, 1987)
And then ... suddenly ... tragedy.
And they can’t fly EITHERRRR!!!
And we’ll paint the mother pink. (1984)
And your little dog, too!
Anyone? Anyone? (June 11, 1986)
Anything in this general area right in here ... (December 14, 1979)
Are you from the valley? (February 9, 1967)
Are you naked? Do you have a drum?
At home. At work. In your car.
At the strip mall of death { again }
Audi Handshake.
Audio Wars
Available from all fine stores! And K-mart.