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[SCTV; Night School High Q; Katherine O’Hara (October 23, 1981)]

The absolutely wrong answer to any question. “Night School High Q” was a continuation of an earlier’s season’s “High Q” game show. They’re both parodies of Canada’s “Reach for the Top,” a game show pitting two teams of high schoolers against each other, but not physically. The national version of Reach for the Top was hosted by Alex Trebek before he moved on to international superstardom hosting “High Rollers” with that cool oversized-dice-returning conveyor belt, remember? The parodies featured an increasingly-exasperated Eugene Levy in the Trebek role.

Another beautiful Katherine O’Hara non-answer: “Computers?”

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Is it Zamfir, master of the pan flute?
Disconnect his buzzer!
I may be wrong {Alex}, correct me if I am, and (pause) <x>
Why don’t you disconnect your own buzzer!

Jeff Stendec (May 15, 1989)

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