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Ah took thet marywanna needle and ah stuck it in mah armmmm ...

I knew these Kentucky guys who used to go to some whackass Pentecostal church back there which was one of those churches, well, you wouldn’t know about this, but some Baptist churches are like this, too – see, there’ll be testimonies and rededications and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and if there isn’t, no one can leave until there is. So, usually, there is. I remember at the Baptist church in Coolidge, Arizona, we had this one lady we kids used to thank god for, because when the preacher was up there saying, “just ONE more chorus of ‘Just As I Am’ while we wait,” we knew we could count on Mrs. Snodgrass to “go forward” (as it was termed) and rededicate herself or confess a sin, or make some other sign that would indicate to the pastor that he was fighting the good fight. people have been known to confess to things they never really did, and not always just to escape a zealous pastor’s overlong Sunday morning service. So anyway, that sort of altar calling and testimonying thing was going on in this little Kentucky church, and here’s one hyped-up guy in the midst of testifying about his former life filled with sinful drug abuse: “ ... and ah took thet marywanna needle and ah stuck it in mah armmmm ... ” When we thought someone was making something up a story, we’d cut that person off with “ ... and ah stuck that ... [etc].”

Doc (November 11, 2001)

Tags: drugs | religion