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And I hayulped!

[Shake ’n Bake TV commercial]

In 1995, a friend of mine posted a request on a USENET discussion board for a sound sample of the woman in a 1960’s Shake ’n Bake (a “coating mix”) television advertisement saying “It’s not fried, it’s Shake ’n Bake – and I helped!” in which “helped!” sounds more like “hayulped!” A short while later, a woman posted a WAV-format sound file along with her reply that read something like this:

“I don’t have the actual commercial, but a lot of my friends tell me that I sound just like her ... so I made my own recording of it.”

This pretty much cemented the use of the phrase “and I hayulped” when someone definitely wasn’t hayulping.

Jeff Stendec (macro submitted by Doc – May 1, 2001)

Tags: ad | exclamation | tv