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And I really think that OOF!

If you’re a regular viewer of America’s Funniest Home Videos, you know that nothing is funnier than a kick in the groin. This macro occurs when someone is rambling on with some irrelevant discussion, and the diatribe is cut short by a well-timed assault. Generally, the speaker is a willing sacrifice, realizing that the conversation has dragged on too long, or that no one is listening. If you’re the attacker, try not to hurt the other person too much, unless they really deserve it.

“Wow, that’s really something! I wonder how they get the Scotch tape on the edge of it so precisely? You know, I have a really hard time with Scotch tape dispensers – you’d think that if they just – OOF!”

Neal Manson (May 15, 1989)

Tags: exclamation | physical