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party poker


I have some things that I regularly search for on an auction website. I use wildcards, which creates a list of auctions much larger than my target items. Then I use subtractive search terms to get rid of the chaff, but there’s so much that needs to be excised that I’ve run into an artificial text length boundary created by the auction website. So every time I search, I end up seeing the same auctions over and over for products I’m not interested in. One of these recurring auctions has the following title:

Cigarette Loads PLUS Fart Candy ARE YOU READY

I love the implications of this, that perhaps one needs some time or training to prepare for fart candy and cigarette loads. I use this phrase when a pre-determined action is about to take place, like driving up to the mailbox and my girlfriend is going to see what wonderful bills we’ve received for the day. Spoken more like a statement than a question, as per the text of the auction.

Jeff Stendec (August 1, 2004)

Tags: personal