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Index: B.

Badger badger badger badger ... (September 2, 2003)
BE QUIET! (April 3, 1975)
Beam Spock down.
Because art is dead.
Because I’m J.J.! I’m dee OWNER! and ... I’m ... da ... KING of beepers!
Beedy beedy beedy, what’s up, Buck? (1979)
Belushi Stance (July 27, 1978)
Be-witched ... be-witched. Be-witched be-witched be-witched ...
Big beautiful women.
Big money, no whammies!
Bing! { Bing again! } (February 12, 1993)
Bing! Bong! Hey, you missed one! Bing! (October 14, 1975)
Bob Seger sax wail. (1976)
Boo-<x> (March 5, 1995)
Bored now.
Botulism. Rat feces. Cockroaches.
Brewer. Patriot.
Bueller? Bueller? (June 11, 1986)
Build a super system that will turn friends green with envy.
But four years ago, it wasn’t so easy. (1996)
But wait, there’s more! { Now how much would you pay? }
But you wouldn’t WANT to!
Buy negative land. (1979)
Bye bye, Adam! Bye bye, Eve! (January 1, 1998)