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Beedy beedy beedy, what’s up, Buck?

[Buck Rogers (1979)]

Mel Blanc is surely the greatest voice talent that ever lived, or at least the most sarcastic, megalomanical talent. It must have been a long, downhill journey between his amazing forty-year collection of “Looney Tunes” and the robot character of “Twiki” on Buck Rogers, starring the incomparable Gil Gerard (see also And then ... suddenly ... tragedy). The voice of this lowly comic relief character must be responsible for the destruction of dozens, if not hundreds of television sets across America. The “beedy beedy beedy” part is delivered in a deep bass tone, a strange tic that precludes the hilarious comic antics of Twiki. The “What’s up, Buck?” part is a cross between Mel’s Tasmanian Devil voice and an over-enthusiastic seven-year old. Always use caution when using this voice – you may be justifiably attacked (see And I really think that OOF!).

Neal Manson

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