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party poker

Bing! Bong! Hey, you missed one! Bing!

[Happy Days; Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham (October 14, 1975)]

Richie Cunningham emulates the sounds of the choklit shoppe’s anachronistic electro-mechanical pinball machine (1973’s “Nip-It”) for two hoodlums, because the machine’s chime striking solenoid or relay is inoperative and they’re HOODLUMS!1 Or perhaps it’s a loose wire, I won’t really know until I get in there with a voltmeter. One in a series of mutated macros that combine the lines from two different speakers.

Jeff Stendec (macro submitted by Neal Manson – May 5, 1994)


Tags: exclamation | mutated | pinball | tv

Internet Pinball Database: Nip-It pinball