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Bye bye, Adam! Bye bye, Eve!

[My Baby & Me Story Bible (January 1, 1998)]

Parents of the dominant American religious cult persuasion! How soon can you infect your children with the exalted Christian meme? Not soon enough! The fable shown below is one of many that appear in the “My Baby & Me Story Bible,” which has a suggested age guideline of “infant-2.” Okay kid, you just figured out that only one of the two blobs taking care of you has milk spouts, but did you know Christ died for your sins?

The No-No Fruit.

Do you see Adam?
Do you see Eve?
They like the Garden of Eden where they live.
God says, “You can stay here if you don’t eat the no-no fruit.”
Let’s shake our pointer fingers and say, “No! No!”
Will Adam and Eve eat the fruit? Yes.
Uh oh. They will have to leave.
Wave bye-bye to Adam. Bye-bye Adam.
Wave bye-bye to Eve. Bye-bye Eve.

Confused by the triple negative, Adam & Eve became history’s ultimate losers.

Jeff Stendec (June 27, 1998)

Tags: exclamation | print | religion