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Caffa-shit, it was a goddamned diner!

This exclamation, used by a close friend and his family, supposedly comes from a local Philadelphia Romper-room-esque daytime (and presumably live) tv show for children, in which the host would go into the audience and interview the children about their day. One child was asked about what he had for lunch, and where, and when the child indicated he had lunch in “a diner,” the host suggested “don’t you mean a cafeteria?” “No, a diner,” says adamant child, who had probably eaten lunch downtown instead of at school. “No, it was probably a cafeteria, like at school, right?” “No, it was a DINER.” Host, insisting, “I think it was a cafeteria ...” Child replies “CAFFA-SHIT! It was a GODDAMNED DINER.”

To be used when someone keeps disagreeing with you and you just KNOW you are right.

Adda (June 19, 2006)

Tags: children | exclamation | tv