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[The Amazing Race; season 4]

My brother and I are both obsessed with The Amazing Race. We talk about applying to be on the show (but never do) and generally have phone or email postmortems after each episode. Last summer, the show was won by a gay married couple named Chip and Reichen. Also last summer, I volunteered to help him and his wife move from Seattle to Northfield, Minnesota. This involved packing all of their belongings into a big yellow Penske truck and driving both it and their Subaru a long way. None of us had ever driven a truck. It is a bit nervewracking. First night were in the truck, we get to a stop sign at a busy four-lane city street, and were trying to turn left. We have no idea whether or not the truck has any pickup (ha!). Should we go for it or wait until the coast is completely clear? Are we conservative truck drivers? Finally my brother hollers Chipandreichen! and makes the turn. Upon questioning, here was his logic: Gay marriage is liberal. Being against gay marriage is conservative. Chipandreichen! is the rallying cry for every daring traffic maneuver ever made.

Soosan (December 18, 2003)

Tags: exclamation | personal | tv