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Difference macro

[Assorted advertising campaigns]

This macro is a stock crutch of advertising firms and product manufacturers who espouse product superiority without making any substantial claim. This eliminates the need to mention any specific competition (“taste the difference”), and avoids the taint of past defects implied by the phrase “new and improved.” Shell Oil recently took this form of advertising to its illogical zenith by turning their slogan into a four-foot high TLA (three-letter acronym) illuminated sign proudly displayed on their buildings (“ETD – Experience The Difference”). Below is a partial list of the amazing companies and products that yield their differences as a mighty marketing weapon.

“A different approach to the heart” – Writearts, Ltd (New Jersey) [may 2000]
“A different beast altogether” – Cognitive Concepts, Inc (software Illinois) [feb 2000]
“A different breed of cat” – Samtec (electronic/electrical connector customer service Indiana) [apr 2002]
“A different concept in wear” – Dreamtex (Italy) [jul 2000]
“A different light” – Australia Federal Government [mar 2005]
“A different kind of accounting firm” – Rosenberg & Fecci (New York) [may 2000]
“A different kind of agency” – BellSouth (Delaware) [feb 2001]
“A different kind of broker” – ICor Brokerage (New York) [jul 2000]
“A different kind of company. A different kind of car.” – Saturn
“A different kind of fundraising” – The Promise Seekers Fundraising Team (Ohio) [aug 2001]
“A different kind of merchant” – Spicers Paper [dec 2003]
“A different kind of pain relief” – Warner-Lambert (New Jersey) [aug 2002]
“A different kind of real estate company” – Coldwell Banker Preferred Relocation Services [sep 1999]
“A different kind of toy store” – Dilly Dally’s (Louisiana) [nov 2000]
“A different light” – Calix Networks Inc. (California) [nov 2000]
“A different perspective” – Farella Braun & Martel LLP (California) [oct 2001]
“A different point of view” – Commercial Risk Partners Limited (Bermuda) [aug 2002]
“A different reason to run” – LL International Shoe Company (California) [apr 2001]
“A different school of thought” – Peter F. Drucker School of Management (California) [nov 2000]
“A different shade of yellow” – Anheuser-Busch (malt beverage Missouri) [aug 2001]
“A different stand on sitting” – United Chair Company, Inc (Tennessee) [aug 1999]
“A different way of sending money” – Viotran, LLC (Florida) [sep 2001]
“A different way to learn the road” – Safe Drive Technologies LLC (Pennsylvania) [aug 2001]
“A fund with a difference” – Vanguard® Calvert Social Index Fund
“An Intensely Different Taste” – Poore Brothers Dill Pickle Potato Chips
“A little different. A lot the same.” – Columbia Insurance Company (footwear, headgear, socks, etc Nebraska) [jul 2002]
“A touch of butter makes a real difference” – Kraft Butter
“A very different cooking show” – Firehouse Chefs (Florida) [nov 1999]
“A very different way to very different places” – South African Airways [sep 2000]
“A world of difference” – E-Card
“A world of difference” – Western Michigan University
“B different” – Bizar Entertainment (hats, pins, jackets, etc Illinois)
“Baking a difference” – Otis Spunkmeyer cookies
“Because a woman’s heart is different” – Sister to Sister Everyone Has a Heart Foundation (Maryland) [aug 2002]
“Because everyone’s a hair different” – Procter & Gamble (Ohio) [mar 2001]
“Because service makes a difference” – JP Foodservice
“Because your eyes are different, the difference is Bausch & Lomb” – Bausch & Lomb Inc. (New York) [jul 1999]
BD Be Different – jeans, dresses, pants, shirts, etc (Mexico)
“Be different.” – K-1 Cardio Kickbox California
“Be different, be better, be known” – BusyNest computer services California
“Be the difference. Be United.” – United Airlines (help wanted ad)
“Be the difference. See the difference.” – United Way of America
“Be the difference that makes a difference” – Higher Ground for Humanity (jewelry, clothing, clocks, dishes, etc California)
“Be yourself: be different” – Avantgarde S.p.A. (clothing, watches, tea pots, sheet music, etc; Italy)
Brothers from a Different Mother – clothing, novelty pins, temporary tattoos, etc (Michigan) [jul 1999]
“Clean different” – AquaStar (California) [apr 2000]
“Clearly different” – Innovex transparent recreational canoes (Tennessee) [dec 2001]
“Come see the difference” – Arbor Drugs
“Come back and see the difference – America Online Gold
“Come back different” – iExplore, Inc (travel services Illinois) [feb 2000]
“Cruising that dares to be different” – Holiday Cruise Lines (Florida)
“Cut from a different cloth” – JWS Apparel Ltd. (Canada) [sep 2001]
“Dare to be different” – GMR broadcasting (Georgia)
“Dare to be different” – JC (Jesus Christ) Team Sports (T-shirts, sweatshirts, boxer shorts, etc Illinois)
“Dare to be different” – Salming ice/hockey skates/sticks etc (Sweden)
“Dare to be different” – Warrior Distributing (pants, shirts, tops, etc Minnesota)
“The decidedly different snack that dares to be different” – Continental Baking Company (Missouri)
“Deliciously different” – Frostyogurt® frozen yogurt
“Deliciously different” – Kaurina’s (ice cream dessert bars Texas) [aug 2001]
“Deliciously different cinnamon rolls” – Cinn-A-Bear Buns (California) [apr 2000]
“Designed to make a difference” – Braun
“The difference is clear” – Party Time Ice
“The difference is clear” – ClearEyes
“The difference is experience” – CAD/CAM Engineering, Inc
“The difference is in the attitude” – WebSenCe
“The difference is real chicken” – Pro-Plan dog food
“The difference is Rowe” – Rowe Furniture Company (Brooklyn) ...
“The difference is selection” – Tower Records
“The difference is temperature!” – International Packaged Ice Association
“The difference is the quality” – Orin Jewelers
“The difference is our people” – Atlas veneers and fireplaces
Different – Chanel (toilet water New York)
“Different & better” – EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp. (California) [sep 2002]
“Different and better beause you are” – Sportscope (all-purpose protective helmets Illinois) [jan 1999]
Different But The Same 100% American – clothing, etc (New York) [sep 25 2001]
“Different by design” – Argosy Gaming Company (Illinois) [mar 2002]
“Different by design” – Oberg Industries (Pennsylvania) [jul 2000]
“Different by design” – Swidler Berlin Shereff Friedman, LLP (Washington DC) [oct 2001]
The Different Company (watches, alarm clocks, purses, etc Virgin Islands) [mar 1999]
“Different down to the core” – Solicore (batteries Florida) [may 2002]
Different Drumbeats – greeting cards (New York) [apr 2001]
“Different enough to get the response you’re looking for” – Realm for Men/Women
“Different for girls” – Psuedo Programs, Inc. (television programs New York) [may 2000]
“Different grooves. One vibe.” – Coors Brewing Company (Colorado) [jul 2002]
“Different in every way” – MHO, LLC (home construction services) [sep 2000]
“Different is better” – Carl’s Jr. (California) [nov 2000]
“Different is Good” – Arby’s Roast Beef
“Different looks for different occasions” – Vision Center Northwest, Inc (Indiana) [apr 1999]
“Different people. Different cards.” – Sears gift cards (Illinois) [aug 2002]
Different Point of View – Charles & Romalice Burns Partnership (live musical group Mississippi) [apr 2000]
“Different reasons to run” – LL International Shoe Company (California) [may 2001]
“Dip into something different” – Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. (Florida) [jul 2001]
“Discover our difference!” – Lutheran Life
“Discover the difference” – YaYa’s Chicken
“Discover the difference” – Nebraskaland Foods Inc. [nov 2003]
“Discovery eat different” – Discovery Foods Limited (England) [mar 2002]
“Distinctly different” – Witteman & Co (live plants Netherlands) [sep 2002]
“Distinctly different since 1928” – Rotring (Illinois) [jan 2000]
“The Dole Raisin difference” – Dole1
“Domtar, a different feel” – Domtar (paper products Canada) [may 2002]
“Don’t be just different; be the difference” – Oklahoma Hospital Assocation
“Dress different” – Eurotex (Maryland) [jun 2000]
“Drink different” – Tealuxe (Massachusetts) [sep 2002]
“Drink different” – Trinity Springs Ltd. Corporation (Idaho) [sep 2002]
“Every practice is different” – Salu (corporate giveaways Oregon) [mar 2000]
“Experience the difference” – Hyena Series PC Casings
“Experience the difference” – Realm for Men/Women
“Experience the difference” – Shell Oil
“Experience the difference!” – Liberty Christian Church
“Experience the difference” – Jeffco
“Experience the difference!” – The New Metro Airport [detroit 2003]
“Experience the difference” – Pelzer Automotive Systems [1995]
“Experience the difference” – Taqueria La Bamba Restaurant (Mountain View, California)
“Experience the Argo difference” – Argo
“Experience the BMG Music Service Difference” – BMG Music
“Feel the difference” – Kleenex Viva Big Roll
“Feel the difference” – Tums
“Feel the difference” – Rubbermaid® Tough Tools
“The future is a different place” – Mills Limited Partnership (Virginia) [dec 1999]
“Golden Foods Something Different” – Golden Foods Spinach Pie Co. (Illinois) [sep 2002]
“Hear the .3 difference” – Detroit’s WHFR 89.3
“Identifiably different” – Symmetrygroup LLC (New York) [mar 2000]
“If it sounds different, it’s because it hasn’t been done before” – Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (California) [oct 2001]
“Information that makes a difference” – Robert Bentley Publishers
“Inherently different” – Trellis Photonics (Israel) [feb 2001]
“Investment management from a slightly different angle” – Criseyde Capital Limited (New York) [oct 2000]
“It looks different because it is different” – Chevy Lumina van
“It’s 1976 ... a different 1976.” – Activision Interstate ’76 racing game
“It’s all that ’cause experience the difference” – McDonald’s black franchise owners (Oakland CA) [May 1997]
“It’s diamond. It’s different.” – LaBelle Diamonds (Hong Kong) [May 2004]
“It’s different in a Saturn” – Saturn (Michigan) [Jul 2002]
“It’s different, but a good kind of different” – Vernors soft drink
“It’s Different Here” – Union Bank of California
“It’s going to be different this time” – Auto Nation (Florida)
“It’s just a different cake mold” – Creative Form Liners (Maryland) [oct 2000]
“Jewelry designed to be different” – Ingenious Designs (New York)
“Little. Yellow. Different. Better.” – Nuprin (better than nothing, surely)
“KalaKola makes the difference” – KalaKola Hair Tonic
“Meant to be different” – Mentadent
“Meijer Complete. Completely different.” – Meijer’s Thrify Acres retail (Michigan) [oct 2002]
“Now that’s different” – Next Cereals, LLC (California) [sep 1999]
“One airline can make a difference” – Continental Airlines
“Our Service Makes A Difference” – Point-To-Point Trucking (Michigan)
“Our service makes the difference” – TRANITOWN Transportation Arkansas
“Play different” – Sarcos L.C. LLC (Utah) [jul 2000]
“The Quality Difference” – Petro Stopping Centers
“Quality makes the difference” – Cadillac Coffee
“Read the difference. Taste the difference.” – Hain popped corn mini-cakes
“Relish the difference” – Toshiba color copies
“Same game. Different league.” – Kerker Kommunications (California) [aug 2002]
“Same planet, different world” – U.S. Aquarium Team, Inc (Texas) [oct 1999]
Screamingly Different Entertainment Corporation – Oklahoma [dec 2000]
“Seeing your customers from a different point of sale” – FREEosk (internet sales/contests Massachusetts) [nov 2001]
Sea Different – CMA CGM, societe anonyme (France)
“See the difference” – EverReady batteries
“See and Hear The difference.” – ViewSonic monitors
“Seeing color in a different light” – Luminary Logic (watches, cellphones Maryland) [dec 2000]
“See, hear and feel the difference.” – NEC RISC system (a trademark of NEC Technologies, Inc.)
“See what a difference a day makes” – Jireh Construction (Oregon)
“The Sheerlon® Difference” – Beyond Seven® Natural Rubber Latex Sheerlon® Lightly Lubricated Condom
“Shop different” – Apple Computer (California) [apr 2002]
“Simply different” – Abbie Hart Enterprises (cooking/crafts television programming Minnesota) [jun 2002]
“Smell the difference” – Wabash Valley Farms candles
“Something different” – Cococare Products, Inc (New Jersey) [jul 2000]
“Something different” – Taylor Corporation (custom printing Minnesota) [jun 2001]
“Sounds different” – DMG Radio Pty Ltd (Australia) [sep 2001]
“The spirit is the difference” – Cintas
“Take your taste to a different place!” – SP Franchising (restaurant Arizona) [aug 2001]
“The taste is the difference” – Sally’s potato chips
“Taste the Arby’s difference” – Arby’s
“Taste the delicious difference!” – Spartan grocery stores
“Taste the difference authenticity makes” – Classico Pasta Sauce
“Taste the difference” – Alejandro’s Tortilla Factory corn tortilla chips (Saboree la differencia!) [dec 2003]
“Taste the difference” – Breyer’s Ice Cream
“Taste the difference” – Select cigarettes
“Taste the difference” – 8 O’Clock Coffee
“Taste the difference” – Mac’s Gourmet Style Red Hot Fried Pork Rinds
“Taste the difference” – Oscar Mayer
“Taste the difference” – Sergio, The Natural Syrup
“Taste the difference” – Elias Bros
“Taste the difference” – Ozeki sake
“Taste the difference” – Pizza Inn (Saudia Arabia)
“Taste the difference – SCTV; Jerry Todd for Videotech cassette video dinners
“Taste the real difference” – Edy’s Grand Soft frozen yogurt
“Taste the real ham difference” – Salin’s Old-Fashioned Smoke House Ham
“Things look different here” – Oregon state motto
“There is a difference” – AMC Theatres
“There is a difference” – Amelia Earhart Luggage [1950]
“There is a difference” – Estes-Leadley Funereal Homes
“There is a difference” – IBM ThinkPad
“They’re different” – Apollo Chocolates
“Think different” – Apple Computer (California) [jun 2002]
“Today, I decided, is going to be different” – Jafra Cosmetics (perfumes California)
Triple Difference Recordings – RCA
“Try something different” – SMBC, Inc. (Arkansas) [jun 2000]
Visible Difference – Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex [mar 2005]
“Vive la difference de Remy Martin” – Remy Martin (cognac, parlor games France)
“Wascator – because every laundry is different” – Aktiebolaget Electrolux (Sweden) [oct 2001]
“We hope you appreciate the difference” – Loek’s Star Theatre
“We dare to be different” – Unipac Uninterrupted Power Supply units
“We make the difference” – Preston Trucking
“We make the difference” – Owens-Corning
“We’re different!” – Wheels & Deals of Silicon Valley
“What a difference!” – Aiwa America (New Jersey)
“What a difference!” – Union Planters National Bank (Tennessee)
“What a difference!” – U.S. Relocation Services (Colorado)
“What a difference a bay makes” – Pickett Hotel Company (Ohio)
“What a difference a bidet makes” – Worldwide Bidet (New York)
“What a difference a crust makes” – Samiko (Missouri)
“What a difference a dollop makes” – Rich Products (non-dairy soy-based toppings New York)
“What a difference a game makes” – Jax Ltd. (board games Minnesota)
“What a difference a mat makes” – Aaron Brothers (paper mats Calfornia)
“What a difference a name makes” – Conseco (Indiana)
“What a difference a pro-cut makes” – Hawkins Pro-cuts (Texas)
“What a difference a state makes” – New Jersey state motto
“What a difference a stay makes” – Promus Hotels (Tennessee)
“What a difference one hour can make” – OHA Financial (Texas)
“What a difference Todays makes” – Todays Temporary (Texas)
“Where the deals make the difference everyday” – Buff Whelan Chevrolet
“Where you can afford to be different” – Cost Plus (California)
“Women’s feet are different and so are we” – American Sporting Goods (California) [dec 2000]
“Wow! What a difference!” – Blockbuster Video (Florida)
“You can hear the difference” – OKI phones
“You made the difference” – Concurrent Computers
“You’ll feel the difference or your money back!” – Golden Touch - Uncle Ed’s

Sainsbury’s is producing a 350+ item product line called “Taste the Difference” which includes Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Bavarian Style Wheat Beer, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Free Range Loue Chicken, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Handmade Farmhouse Toffee Crunch Ice Cream, and Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Honey Roasted Parsnip & Potato Mash.

Jeff Stendec (May 15, 1989)

1 “Plumper and Moister because they’re Spa Treated!”

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