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party poker

Dive, Tony, dive! Swim, Tony, swim!

“Diving Tony” was a small plastic figurine of Kelloggs’ primary mascot Tony the Tiger that was available in specially-marked packages of Frosted Flakes[R] cereal. Tony exploited various physical principles when placed inside a squeezable two-liter bottle of water which enabled him to travel up and down freely through the fluid as if controlled by King Neptune Himself. While everyone else in college was having sex, I wrote the company and asked for permission to create Diving Tony Fan Club t-shirts and the senior attorney at Kelloggs politely told me to screw off, but sent along a large quantity of Diving Tonys along with his letter. The Tonys were then distributed to various party peoples, and shortly thereafter the Diving Tony Drinking Game was created. The object of the game was to not get Diving Tony caught in your throat and die. Spoken with glee.

Jeff Stendec (macro submitted by Tom Lemense – 2001)

Tags: exclamation | personal