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Do you feel that? { + pre-phrase arm blow }

One late evening, we had decided to visit one of Phoenix’s only living old school beauties, the historic San Carlos Hotel. wandering about outside, taking pix, we were approached by a security guard who, after seeing that we were not vandals, started chatting us up about the history of the building.

“Did you come because of the ghosts?” he asked. Glances betwixt us; lots of head shaking; “whaaaaa?”

“Oh yeah,” he told us, “the hotel is supposedly haunted and people come from all over to take the ghost tours.” he told us of the suicides, including a recent one and the reports of ghostly action and “how you can, like, feel it in some rooms.”

He offered & we accepted a tour of the ghosty spots. He asked if we believed in ghosts … we all pretty much told him not so much – thanks, but he didn’t seem to acknowledge this as he continued in his big brother trying to scare you tone as if we’d answered in the positive. He kept telling us of the crazy shit. Crazy shit, man.

As he lead us to each area he told his vato-version of the details that the actual, official ghost tour probably has in their actual, official ghost tour presentation script. “Now here in this room blah blah blah, chew know what I mean?”

In his presumed appropriation of the ghost tour spiel he keeps repeating accounts of his “feeling it ­- like a chill on your arm or something” when we pass under vents or into non-insulated old rooms he asked “do you feel that?” seeming almost to blow on his own arm to illustrate his ability to “feel it.”

I’d say usage is when you want to tell someone something that is weird or profound, but you want to indicate that you yourself do not take it to

Babs (September 17, 2005)

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