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party poker

Double down.

[Swingers; Vince Vaughn as Trent Walker; John Favreau as Mike Peters (September 7, 1996)]

Trent offers blackjack advice to Mike. They’re playing way beyond their means at the $100-minimum table because they don’t want to sit with the dregs.

Trent: “Double down.”
Mike: “What?”
Trent: “Got an eleven, you always double down on eleven.”
Mike: “I know but it’s two hundred dollars, it’s blood money.”
Trent: “Mike if you don’t look like you know what you’re doing ...”
Mike: “Would you just stop for a second and shut up and –”
[they begin whisper-arguing; the dealer becomes impatient]
Mike: “Double down.”

Mike goes down, they nurse wounds.

Trent: “I’m telling you, baby, you always double down on an eleven.”
Mike: “Yeah? Well obviously not always!”
Trent: “Always, baby.”
Mike: “I’m just saying, not in this particular case.”
Trent: “Always.”
Mike: “But I lost! How can you say always?!?”

Later they meet up with a casino waitress and her friend.

Mike: “I’m Mike, this is Trent, we call him Double Down.”
Trent: “Stop right there ... Ladies, don’t you always double down on eleven?”
Christy: “Always.”
Lisa: “No matter what.”
Christy: “Yeah.”
Lisa: “Like splitting aces.”
Christy: “Uh-huh.”
Mike: “Whatever.”

Jeff Stendec (macro submitted by Brody Culpepper – October 19, 2001)

Tags: movie

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