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Fwigtened/birstday cake

[Peeping Tom (1960)]

Mark, the main character in Peeping Tom, is a disturbed young filmmaker. During his childhood, his insane psychologist father would constantly/simultaneously film and terrorize him, treating Mark like a guinea pig for fear-based experiments. Twisted like a psychotic curly fry, the adult Mark now can only achieve (or at least attempt to achieve) sexual gratification by creating, then watching, snuff films of frightened women (murderer! scoptophiliac! director!). In one scene, Mark is presented with a birthday cake and becomes positively gleeful, clapping his hands in excitement. This bright contrast, when coupled with Mark’s mini-lisp pseudo-baby talk (he never really grew up), lent itself to some word-bending amongst Our Gang whenever the typically chummy pair of topics (cake; fear) came up. Delicious samples of our revelry follow.

“I would like some birstday cake.”
“Are you fwightened of the birstday cake?”
“Do not fwighten me wis your talk of the birstday cake.”

Jeff Stendec (February 12, 2001)