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Garbage Truck Of <x> Concept

Alludes to copious amounts of <x>; create a high-pitched beeping while using your arms to mimick the hydraulic arms of a garbage truck front-loader. Sometimes one of my friends would include crashing sound effects emulating the cacophony the trucks make while trying to get a handle on a dumpster. Do not use in polite company under any circumstances. Occasionally prefaced by the phrase “a { whole } lot of <x>” or “a garbage truck full of <x>.”

Jeff Stendec (October 25, 1992)

I also like to use this when a friend backs their huge ass in your face trying to get by you in a theater; or in a crowded area and you just want to flee (claustrophobia sets in) so you start backing out. Oddly, people seem to understand and move out of the way, which I think is funnier than me making that noise by myself in a crowd, but that’s just me. It’s also extremely hilarious – in bed, not that I’ve ever done this – but – like you’re on all fours, and, oh never mind ... at least that’s what I hear.

Max (May 16, 2000)

“[Seinfeld]” (March 19, 1998). George indicates that Jerry should move backward in his narration.

George: “Back it up ... beep, beep, beep ...”
Jerry: “What’s with the beep beep beep?”
[George looks at his extended arms, lowers them.]

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