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[Larry the Cable Guy]

What is to be done? “R” is to be done. Somehow, through the divine blessings of Baby Jesus, I was able to avoid this particular phrase until the summer of 2005. This is the catch phrase of “Larry the Cable Guy,” apparently a regular fixture on something called the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. There are “Git-R-Done” ringtones (“You know you’re a redneck if your cellphone rings and it’s coming from inside your hot cousin!”1), a book, a DVD, a Git-R-Done Rebel Advantage Classic Hat (Camo), a Git-R-Done Tropical Get-A-Way T-Shirt (Light Blue), etc. I have yet to actually hear this phrase spoken – I am only familiar with the phrase through my initial sighting (Git-R-Done Window Lettering) and follow-up online research. Spoken in same guttural tone as Lift it up. At least one t-shirt transfer shop (they still exist?) has been spanked for copyright infringement (a typical catalog entry now reads “G17221 $1.05 It now says GET-ER-DONE”). Spoken when desirous of being labelled a complete prat.

Jeff Stendec (September 5, 2005)

1 This phrase is a comical re-appropriation of the then-recent newsitem about a woman who had stolen a cellphone and wisely hid it in her vaginal cavity, fooling the constabulary until someone actually dialed the missing cellphone’s number. Here I have combined this criminal’s downfall with a stereotypical comment about the amorous familial relations of the American redneck. They also score low on standard IQ tests and bathe less than the French.