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Hey captain, you forgot something.

[Captain Kangaroo; Show ‘N’ Tell disc/filmstrip (1978)]

The GE Show ‘N’ Tell device functioned as a record player with an attached filmstrip display (which looked like a television screen – “Jimmy, look, we got you a TEE VEE!!”). You put the record on the player, crammed the cardboard-edged filmstrip into a hole in the top, and the record would occasionally emit synchronized low tones that automatically advanced the filmstrip. The model that I had in my malformative youth came with two record/filmstrip sets: Captain Kanagaroo and Hitler. I don’t know what the story was there.1 The b-sides of the records had no corresponding filmstrip, so you were visually SOL. The complicated plotline of the Captain Kangaroo b-side focused on the Captain’s attempts to leave the house for the day that are foiled by other characters (Mr. Green Jeans, the grandfather clock, etc.):

“The very first thing I do when I get up, I put a smile on my face ... and I’m off to see the world.”
“Hey captain, you forgot something.”
“Oh, yes. The very first thing I do when I get up, I put on my pants, and a smile on my face ... and I’m off to see the world.”2
“Hey captain, you forgot something.”
“Ohhh, yes ... The very first thing I do when ...”

So essentially, the captain had decided to leave his house ... nude.3 Between the captain’s senility, the repetition factor, and our experiments, the whole thing was the bee’s knees. Whenever I don’t know how to end a Macros2000 entry, I will refer to the joints of a random insect.

Jeff Stendec (May 30, 1997)

1 Of course my sister and I immediately entertained the two remaining “illogical” A/V pair-ups (Hitler filmstrip with Captain Kanagroo audio and vice-versa), decades before that “Dark Side of the Moon” and Wizard of Oz faux-synchronicity thing.

2 Doc has called to my attention the following extrapolation: “This must mean that the back of the Hitler record said something like ‘The very first thing that I do when I get up, I put a tiny moustache on my face ... and I’m off to conquor the world.’”

3 Now imagine this accompanying the Hitler filmstrip.

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