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Hey you clowns! Get down from there! { circus music }

Two friends and I were walking around Toledo Ohio one day, looking for good distant vantage point for the massively loud powerboat races.1 We ended up on top of a building, which had sort of a path that went other places. We followed it for awhile, and it wasn’t really a path, it was a tight little alley formed by large buildings, but we kept going – it was such an obvious pathway that we kept pressing onward: “well, it’s just a little fence,” “that drop is only four feet,” etc. But this was clearly not anywhere humans were supposed to be and somehow we ended up on the roof of a gas station. The station owner was happy to see us: “Hey you clowns! Get down from there!” All three of us immediately started singing the circus calliope song while edging down off the building.

Jeff Stendec (October 15, 2001)

1 Powerboats are loud. PA systems are loud. Powerboat race announcers are loud. PA systems broadcasting powerboat race announcers and powerboat noises are the most fucking annoying things on earth.

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