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{ Hot Fudge, right on! } Comin’ at ya { now }!

[Hot Fudge (1972)]

“Hot Fudge” was a Saturday morning children’s television show that aired only in Detroit from 1972 to 1974, then ran in syndication until 1986. This phrase is part of the show’s opening theme song: “HOT FUDGE, RIGHT ON! comin’ at ya now ...” The show featured both live actors and puppets that made the show look like a “Muppets” pre-cursor. The producer/creator of “Hot Fudge” (Robert N. Elnicky along with partner Barry Hurd) was apparently approached by Jim Henson twice and given the opportunity to jump aboard, but he declined: “If I would have accepted the offer there would be no ‘Hot Fudge.’” Back when it was on the air, I was a little too old for the lesson-oriented musical numbers, but the psychedelic theme song kicked thee ass. The producer/developer is apparently still trying to get “Hot Fudge” back on the air, but ABC and Nickolodeon aren’t biting.

Jeff Stendec (2005)

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