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I need a space ...

[Creature Comforts; Aardman Studios (1989)]

An Oscar®-award winning claymation short featuring animals being interviewed in the zoo. The audio interviews were conducted with zoo patrons and shut-ins, and in the case of a lounging leopard, a Brazilian friend of the director’s who apparently hated living in England.

Here, you live in a verrry small place ... with all the technological advances possible ... you have everything sorted out , double glazing, you know, your heating, and everything but you don’t have a space. In Brazil, you have a space although you don’t have all this technological, you know, double glazing and things like that and uh, you know, but you have the space. And uh, we need the space to live, we need space to feel that we are part of the world and not a kind of a piece of object in a box.

Where I would like to live and to spend most of my life ... in a hot country. You know, in a hot country that I have a good weather, and that I have a space! And that I have trees! You know? That I don’t have only grass with pollens that give me hay fever every day. I need a space, with blue skies, without – that I can see the sand everyday all right, that I have nice weather that I can just have a nice water, you know to dive, to swim in, it means a tropical country, not an island, a cold one.

Jeff Stendec (July 12, 2004)

Tags: animation | oscar | tv

Youtube: Creature Comforts