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In Japan, the hand can be used like a knife.

[Dial Media; Ginsu television ad]

To show the obvious strengths of their mighty Ginsu knife set, Dial Media demonstrated a person karate-chopping some boards, then attempting to karate-chop a tomato:

“In Japan, hands are used like a knife, but you can’t cut a tomato with them!”

And we all saw, right there, as a nation, that our hands would be completely useless to us as cutting implements. Used primarily to end anyone’s sentence that begins with “In Japan ...” Also used immediately after demonstrating physical prowess, which in this day and age means you’ve just yanked the lid off a stubborn jar of mayo or something. If you don’t remember this commercial, then you probably were off reading books during your precious youth, you poor schlub.

See also But you wouldn’t want to! and But wait, there’s more!

Jeff Stendec (February 11, 1994)

Tags: ad | tv

YouTube: Ginsu 2000
(This, I believe, is unfortunately a later version of the commercial with a new calmer VO etc)
Wikipedia: Ginsu