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It was sunny.

[NOAA Radio Service (July 15, 2000)]

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provides a national weather radio service (NOAA Weather Radio 2000) that uses automated computer speech synthesis (currently DECtalk, the same system used and hated by physicist Stephen Hawking; his upgrade to an electronic voice with an English accent is in the works; the NOAA is also in the process of upgrading “Paul,” the nickname for the voice). In addition to offering forecasts, the service “samples” the weather and the results are transmitted over the radio; unlike your modern-day DOPPLER 9000 Right-Damned-Now television forecast, it is naturally broadcast in the past tense. The broadcast we heard in a Kansas rest area was similar to this recent one for Phoenix:

Here are the observations for the Phoenix area. In Phoenix, skies were clear. Wind was calm. It was sunny. Temperature 62 degrees. With a temperature of 59 at Winslow. 64 at the Grand Canyon.

Jeff Stendec (2001)

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