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party poker

It’s a breaded chicken ... with tomato and lettuce ... served on a kaiser roll.

[Wendy’s kiosk]

Somewhere around 1997, numerous corporations spontaneously decided that America didn’t have enough chattering interactive mechanical devices. Coca-Cola installed talking vending machines, Mobil installed talking gas pumps, and Wendy’s installed what I like to call the Gabbering Obelisk of Eternal Agony. The machine was placed next to the drive-thru lane before the ordering station, and the speaker was at driver’s-head level. It looped a simple description of some orgasmically delicious Wendy’s sandwich, and since you’re usually waiting for the n people in front of you to apparently process their Wendy’s Home Loans, you were temporarily trapped in a world where breaded chicken is endlessly described, but never delivered. I don’t see them anymore, I’m sure various drivers “accidentally” took ’em all out. Spoken during unacceptable waiting periods.

Jeff Stendec (April 7, 1997)

Tags: audio | food | waterfowl