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Let me crazy.

[Trojan Food Stuff Co. LTD of Taipei, Taiwan]

I saw an advertising poster for pearl drinks1 the other day. The tagline, in inch-high type: “Let me crazy.” A Google search indicates that this is a common Taiwanese-based linguistic error:

Thx you for let me crazy..
My boyfriend let me crazy
the vocabulary let me crazy
Sometimes I cautch myself question things that I should not and that let me CRAZY!!!

So that’s actually supposed to be “Makes me crazy” or, in layman’s terms “This pearl drink, with those large tapioca balls in it, is the genesis of my psychosis.” I’m all for this, I miss the fractured language of my video gaming youth. Let me crazy English! I asked the ice cream shoppe displaying this poster if I could have it, and they declined. A month later, the entire strip mall caught on fire and the business was shuttered. Total coincidence.

Jeff Stendec (June 11, 2002)

1 “Pearl” or “bubble” drinks are fruit drinks that contain large balls of tapioca at the bottom. The drinks come with a wide straw as well, so while you’re sipping a nice little fruit drink it’s all of a sudden GLOMPH and you’re choking on multiple soggy balls of tapioca. You can tell I like it, can’t you? Oooh, can I have another?

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