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party poker

Mother father Chinese dentist.

[Mr. Show; season 4 “Pallies”; David Cross as Anthony “One Time” Branca (?) (November 23, 1998)]

Cross and others are Italian gangsters with foul mouths and itchy trigger fingers, but “Pallies” has been “Edited for television.”

“Tell you what ... both of yous can grab my (books) you (mother father Chinese dentist).”

On the commentary track for the Mr. Show Season 4 DVD, I believe it’s Paul F. Tompkins who mentions being in a bar and overhearing a woman using the exact phrase while talking on a cellphone. He asked her, “oh, are you a Mr. Show fan?” and she said “Who?”

Jeff Stendec (October 22, 2004)

There’s a band named “Chinese Dentist.” See also Mickificki.

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Pallies (immediately opens video)
Youtube: Pallies