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My pants are tight.

[Just Shoot Me; David Cross (January 5, 1999)]

In two episodes of “Just Shoot Me” thus far, David Cross plays “Slow Donnie,” a brother of one of the major recurring characters. In the first episode, Donnie’s been pretending to be “slow” ever since he fell out of a tree ten years prior. He’s got the hots for his brother’s girlfriend (Maya), so he tries to make a move on her; she tries to expose him. After Maya unsuccessfully tries to seduce him while leaving her office phone/intercom open, he utters this phrase in his “slow” voice (filled with anxiety and confusion, for his unsuspecting brother on the other end of the line); he then later points at his genitals while mouthing this phrase a second time (at Maya). Apparently this episode was rejected out-of-hand until Cross signed on, as the writers felt he was most likely the only person who could play the “slow” character in both a humorous and non-offensive manner.

Jeff Stendec (October 6, 2001)

Tags: tv