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Okay everybody, let’s make a train! A semi sl dk fj ...

Do typing classes even exist anymore? My typing teacher had a bizarre educational zeal unmatched by any other instructor in junior high. I was one of the idiots making endless daily trains while the “bad kids” in the back were cutting the return cables on the Remingtons, causing the entire carriage to fly off and crash into the next desk. I personally use this macro for typing drudgery and any other kind of candidate for a repetitive strain injury. I’ve left off the last few cars and the caboose, here they are in case you want to build a typing train, God help you: “gh hg jf kd ls semi-a.” This, by the way, is one of those intensely personal macros that engender Stares of Confusion.

Jeff Stendec

Tags: exclamation | personal