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Our little baby’s all grows up!

[Swingers; Vince Vaughn as Trent Walker (September 7, 1996)]

The boys are at the coffee shop, and Mike’s just got himself the phone number of a “beautiful baby.” In this climactic scene, Mike suddenly has gained back his self-respect and no longer needs advice from his swingin’ pals; Trent, however, has lost his dignity in the process. Also he’s drunk.

Mike: “You know what, I have it under control, okay?”
Trent: “Ppphh! He has it under control.”
Sue (laughing) “Oh, I guess we don’t have to worry about him anymore.”
Trent: “Our little baby’s all grows up. YOU KNOW WHAT – ”
Mike: “Shhhh shut up! Come on ...”
Trent (turning to booth next to him): “Our little baby’s all grows up.”

Seconds later, Trent is standing on the table.

Trent: “Our little boy is all growns up tonight, you know what big boy, you’re grown up! You’re grown up! YEAHHHHH!!! Dig that! Is this a fuckin’ production for ya? ’Cause you’re growns up and you’re growns up and you’re growns up!”

Clearly, one would use this in the event that a member of one’s inner circle has groweds up.

Jeff Stendec

Tags: exclamation | movie