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May 27th, 2007. Be not the robot in yourself (supine glow).

<x> ... also: <x>.
<x> ... three.
<x> without a <y>
<x>, for breakfast?
<xn> formerly <x1 ... n-1>
ALIVE ... ALIVE (1995)
And in my homeland. (2000)
At the strip mall of death { again }
Audio Wars
Big beautiful women.
Botulism. Rat feces. Cockroaches.
Cockblock the mouth.
Dive, Tony, dive! Swim, Tony, swim!
Do you feel that? { + pre-phrase arm blow }
Finger Waggle (1990)
Home town call! (1981)
I got better.
I like these.
I’ll remove his <x> for <n> dollars!
I’m a punk, that’s what I do.
I’m not an <x>, but I play one on TV.
I’m sorry!
It’s good, uhhhh feeling. (February 16, 1999)
Looks like we got { us ( ourselves } a convoy.)
My goddamned Animal Crossing. (September 2002)
No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.
Past instances in which I professed to like you were fraudulent. (December 29, 1996)
Quack, quack, quack.
Sarrrrrrrs, matey.
TEXAS. (September 27, 1994)
That’s like closing the barn door after the horses have eaten your children! (1981)
These aren’t the <x> you’re looking for. (May 25, 1977)
Thinking about string
You take care of MY daughter.
Your <x> was murdered by another Jedi knight named Darth Vader, who went over the the Dark Side ... (May 25, 1977)
Your wish is granted, long live Jombi.
{ Hot Fudge, right on! } Comin’ at ya { now }! (1972)
{ Sorry ... } Sharers will be charged full price.
{ The black widow ... } First she mates ... then she kills. (February 6, 1987)

June 21st, 2006. Cool cho-co-late enjoy happy song.

<x> any second now ... any second now.
<x>, now with Retsyn®.
<x>, your friend has to leave now <“Six Million Dollar Man” theme song>.
<x>? You’re soaking in it!
And I really think that OOF!
And then ... suddenly ... tragedy.
Available from all fine stores! And K-mart.
BE QUIET! (April 3, 1975)
Beedy beedy beedy, what’s up, Buck? (1979)
Bing! Bong! Hey, you missed one! Bing! (October 14, 1975)
Bob Seger sax wail. (1976)
Boo-<x> (March 5, 1995)
But four years ago, it wasn’t so easy. (1996)
Flash, we’re gonna cuff ’em and stuff ’em. (1979)
I don’t like greens. (1963)
I got a rock. (October 27, 1966)
If Tonga wins, you win! (1984)
It’s difficult ... I try to obey, but ... I ... (June 4, 1982)
Lower the sheepskins ... there will be dancing. (December 4, 1997)
Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! (1980)
Mix Fear (1988)
On spec. (September 13, 1988)
Push the button, Max. (July 1, 1965)
Space Madness! (August 25, 1991)
Spacemate Concept. (1986)
The <x> lives inside the <y>.
They hate it when I do this. { That’s right boys, Dr. Venkman’s here. } (June 7, 1984)
USA! USA! USA! (1984)
Well, I bin zuppPPP!
What is it, boy? <x>? (1954)
What kind of charade ends with someone turning up dead? (June 13, 1999)
Which one of you <x>s is my <y>. (1984)
Yee-haw, Bo Duke! (1979)
You dirty screws! (1979)
You have to PUT IN to GET BACK. (1983)
{ Now } That’s reality! (December 10, 1982)
{ Ohhh } My liver! (1987)

June 20th, 2006. Who is the moon? Why not take the comfort.

And it’s not part of the car! (March 6, 1987)
And your little dog, too!
Caffa-shit, it was a goddamned diner!
Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson!
Difference macro
He’s got a sandwich in one hand, and the fuckin’ head in the other! (March 6, 1987)
Hey captain, you forgot something. (1978)
Hey you clowns! Get down from there! { circus music }
Hope I die soon. (November 1991)
I’m developing muscles on my heart. I’m a horse trainer.
If you had a car you could come to Colorado and pick me up. (September 9, 2001)
It was sunny. (July 15, 2000)
It’s not even a door.
Put your weight on it! (January 1980)
Racer-X, who is secretly Speed’s older brother ...
Sure could use a donut.
Watch what you heat!
What concerns me is the rubbing and the temperature change
Why don’t we all <x>. (December 16, 1987)
You may not like me now ... but I’m drinking milk.

June 10th, 2006. Shopping. NICETIME copulate.

Brewer. Patriot.
But wait, there’s more! { Now how much would you pay? }
But you wouldn’t WANT to!
Buy negative land. (1979)
I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything, as a career ... I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed or ... buy anything sold or processed or... process anything sold ... bought ... or processed ... or repair anything sold, bought or ... processed, you know, as a career ... I don’t want to do that. (April 14, 1989)
I’m going for the grape juice.
In Japan, the hand can be used like a knife.
It’s only wafer thin! (March 31, 1983)
Just bodies. (October 4, 1985)
No more callers! No more callers! We have a winner!
Turning over table.
Who better to arm you for the future battle than <x>. (1993)

June 4th, 2006. Paper is on. Let's all fry.

<x>, I think I love you!
Abba? (October 23, 1981)
Anyone? Anyone? (June 11, 1986)
Because art is dead.
Bueller? Bueller? (June 11, 1986)
Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women. (March 15, 1982)
Disconnect his buzzer! (October 23, 1981)
Don’t you go changing. (December 31, 1980)
Dyna Pink – I love you!
First I sand the wood until it is smooth. Then I oil the wood until it is soft. (January 21, 1989)
Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
I may be wrong {Alex}, correct me if I am, and (pause) <x> (October 23, 1981)
In what ... way ... does the author’s use of ... PRISON ... (June 11, 1986)
Is it Zamfir, master of the pan flute? (1983)
It’s got cop <x>, cop <y>, cop <z>. (December 31, 1980)
Jess ... JESS ...
New Oldsmobiles are in early this year. (December 31, 1980)
No one’s ever been here before!
So that’s how it is in their family ... (June 11, 1986)
This place has got everything. (December 31, 1980)
Why don’t you disconnect your own buzzer! (October 23, 1981)
Wrong glass, sir. (December 31, 1980)

June 2nd, 2006. Begin AGAIN! (newlife?)

<x> o’ <y> (December 14, 1979)
<x>? Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a LONG time ... (May 25, 1977)
And they can’t fly EITHERRRR!!!
Anything in this general area right in here ... (December 14, 1979)
At home. At work. In your car.
Audi Handshake.
Come on, Willlllllbur ...
Doot doo-doot doo-doot! YUB YUB!
Double down. (September 7, 1996)
ELIZA Concept. (January 1966)
Eatin’, greetin’, and fuelin’ around!
Everyone dies.
Everything is going to be all right, everything is going to be okay. (1990)
For God’s sake, what about the kale?
For work or play ... use Viking Spray. (April 28, 1989)
Gee ... I’m real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky. (October 11, 1985)
Get away from me, Carl Monday!
Have that removed. (June 26, 1981)
He was the funniest GUY! (Mid-to-late 1980s)
He’s the guy behind the guy behind the guy. (September 7, 1996)
Hello ... I’m Rags ... woof, woof. (December 17, 1973)
I am bored, you are boring, this is bullshit. (1996)
I cut the deck, and they’re ALL aces! (1970)
I knew this <x> idea was going to suck. (September 10, 1995)
I need a space ... (1989)
I need doctoro.
I used to be an <x>. Now, I’m a computer programmer!
I want my two dollars! (October 11, 1985)
I’m PACKING it! (August 31, 2004)
I’m gonna win that truck. (June 1997)
I’m so insane I’m sane! (December 20, 1992)
It wasn’t not funny!!!
It’s a breaded chicken ... with tomato and lettuce ... served on a kaiser roll.
Let’s go to Burger Doodle and eat in the car!
Lord, help her.
Love! The language of love! (October 11, 1985)
Man ... that’s a real shame when folks be throwin’ away a perfectly good white boy like that. (October 11, 1985)
Mother father Chinese dentist. (November 23, 1998)
Now let’s try it ... without the dress. (November 13, 1979)
On the next California Gold.
Our little baby’s all grows up! (September 7, 1996)
Relentless (April 1, 1981)
Show time. Shower time. Get fresh time. Smelling good time.
Stop bringing me over. (October 11, 1985)
Tell me again about the fat of the land { George }.
That’s a big <x>. (December 17, 1973)
That’s all I need. (December 14, 1979)
There are two kinds of people in this world { , my friend }: those who <x> and those who <y>. (December 23, 1966)
There’s a frog – / Twenty-eight days.
They dumb.
Things are going to start happening to me now ... (December 14, 1979)
Those kids are plastic!
What does suck mean? (September 10, 1995)
Who’s that eating that nasty food? Nasty boys! (1986)
Whoaaaaa! Where’s the fire? (December 20, 1992)
Wizard needs food – badly. (1985)
Would you like an <x> on that <y>?
You <x> on your own time! (October 11, 1985)
You <x>. I <x>. We <x>. Maybe we could get together and kind of be a <x>ing team. / You’re a jerk. (October 11, 1985)
You feel fine to me – young and smooth.
You know, friennnnnd ... friennnnnnd ... (October 11, 1985)
You need to talk to the chaplain.

May 28th, 2006. Flags are waved in the heart.

¡Qué malo! Once again I must sugar my own churro. (May 7, 2000)
<number> seconds and counting (December 14, 1971)
<verb> it <preposition> and <verb> it <preposition>!
<x> ... MURDER.
<x> burner cover caddy organizer curtain splatter screen partition winch lifter
<x> is so <year>. (March 31, 1989)
Ah took thet marywanna needle and ah stuck it in mah armmmm ...
Akita! { Akita! }
All <x> all the time
And I hayulped!
And we’ll paint the mother pink. (1984)
Are you from the valley? (February 9, 1967)
Are you naked? Do you have a drum?
Badger badger badger badger ... (September 2, 2003)
Be-witched ... be-witched. Be-witched be-witched be-witched ...
Beam Spock down.
Because I’m J.J.! I’m dee OWNER! and ... I’m ... da ... KING of beepers!
Belushi Stance (July 27, 1978)
Big money, no whammies!
Bing! { Bing again! } (February 12, 1993)
Bored now.
Build a super system that will turn friends green with envy.
Bye bye, Adam! Bye bye, Eve! (January 1, 1998)
Circle gets the square.
Clear ... Amoco® clear.
Could you tell Luke? Is that who you could tell? (May 25, 1977)
Cross-circuiting to B, Captain. (September 8, 1966)
Darn! That’s the end.
Defenestration/Skull Explosion
Definite Article Problems
Disclaimer Burst
Do what now? (June 1, 1999)
Do you want to fight, or do you want to <x>! (May 10, 1979)
Don’t take the cork off the fork. (December 14, 1988)
Don’t you wanna go home? (1954)
Duuude, club!
Eat all the food you want ... and never gain an ounce. (March 22, 1991)
Eat, Santa, eat! (December 6, 1964)
Egoiste! (1990)
Everybody ready? Let’s go! (1959)
Fandango? Hobo camp? (February 21, 2000)
Find their weakness ... and exploit it. (May 25, 1977)
Five bucks <hand signal> FIIIIVE bucks.
Football, you bet! (September 26, 1977)
Fwigtened/birstday cake (1960)
Garbage Truck Of <x> Concept
Get it
Here you go, lions! (November 12, 1955)
Hey good looking, we’ll be back to pick you up later!
Hey little guy ...
Hey man, I get the dog.
Honking at Otis
Hurray, I’m for the other team.
I can’t do that ... yet.
I see a dragon, and a squirrel. (November 26, 1997)
I’m the SOLE SURVIVOR!! (1978)
If it’s all the same to you, I’ll drive that tanker. (December 24, 1981)
If you’re going to bring it to nationals, you better bring it on! (August 22, 2000)
In the movie Awakenings, the hospital was located in the Bronx.
Insert two dimes or one dime and two nickels or four nickels or one dime and ten pennies or one nickel and fifteen pennies or two nickels and ten pennies or three nickels and five pennies or twenty pennies. Hmm. (1949)
It’s not a shawk, it’s a stoigen!
It’s the plumber. I’ve come to fix the sink. (October 25, 1971)
Just don’t touch my eyes!
Just how you like it!
Just lie back down on the couch now, Ms. <x>. (1987)
Just ten minutes and I’m already perfectly at ease. (March 29, 1988)
Let me crazy.
Matches ... candles ... (1966)
Meow meow <x> meow meow?
More <x>? Uh-huh! More <y>? Uh-huh, uh-huh! (April 1, 1965)
Move over, bacon!
My <dwelling type> is a <member of a religious sect>.
My pants are tight. (January 5, 1999)
Okay everybody, let’s make a train! A semi sl dk fj ...
People get irritable! (1953)
Puppy! (or Kitty!)
Quit talkin’ and start chalkin’! (September 15, 1980)
Remember your training! (May 21, 1980)
Repeating Last Word Word Word
Rip and tear { , Bruno }! Rip and tear! (July 10, 1981)
Run, Luke, Run! (May 25, 1977)
Sabatini will attempt to murder you.
Shit, I’ve known that for ten years. (1976)
Show me a good race! (August 1992)
Soooo good! (2003)
Strong hold, behold! (1986)
Sure doo! (July 1, 2000)
Tapping teeth.
Thank you, Vidal.
That’s salon thinking!
To ensure maximum spew.
Top shelf.
Twelve banana creme pies! <collapsing movements>
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. (1846)
Vaughn is not a robot! (November 1, 1992)
Walt Disney Pictures presents: Blank Check.
Was that a macro?!?
We spent three days in the desert.
We’re gonna need a bigger boat. (June 20, 1975)
We’re the liquor store men!
Who will get a kiss from me today?
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! We love <x>! (February 16, 1999)
Yo, Ding Dong, man, Ding Dong!
You don’t know, you don’t know ... (July 31, 1981)
You rebel scum! (May 25, 1983)
Your total is zero; please pull around.
{ P-E-T-R-O-L. } Gosh, that’s a funny way to spell water. (1953)