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Shit, I’ve known that for ten years.

[“Nutbush City Limits”; Bob Seger (1976)]

On Bob Seger’s1 1976 Live Bullet album, the song “Nutbush2 City Limits” features an extended breakdown in the middle, time enough for Bob to goose up Detroit’s Cobo Hall audience a little bit. Again.

“As I told everybody last night I was reading Rolling Stone where they said Detroit audiences are the greatest rock-n-roll audiences in the world.”
(applause, eleven second pause)
“I thought to myself, ‘Shit, I’ve known that for ten years.’”

Bob’s second (?) run-through was then temporarily immortalized on batches of t-shirts. Spoken when confronted with the obvious.

Jeff Stendec (July 31, 1994)

1 You know, the “Like A Rock” song guy.
2 Nutbush?

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