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Spacemate Concept.

[Sudden Sway; Spacemate (1986)]

During a bachelor party layover in Toronto, we came across a two-record Sudden Sway boxed set entitled Spacemate (designed by Jon Wozencroft). The contents inside (charts, quizzes, bizarre instructions) pointed to nothing less important than a major religion. We dived in, worshipping Spacemate and consulting it for major decisions, like when to cross the street. Things started devolving when someone would punch another person, claiming “Spacemate told me to.”

I am a pushover for concept albums, especially when the concept is utterly daft.

What is Spacemate? Spacemate stands for: Superdimensional Perceptive Aid Comging Every Manner And Type of Everything “which means it helps you expand your dimensions” – it’s one of FINEPRO’s great “Meaningfull” collection!

Meaningfulls make important things and their explanations easy to understand; easy to follow and almost as simple to make use of.

Meaningfulls are different – different, because they’re both Macro and Micrological, but most importantly – they’re Multidimensional. Take a look at your Spacemate box and compare it with other ordinary products. What do you see ... ? Yes! Flat, rather limited things, with all sorts of boundaries and other limitations – whereas Spacemate’s boundaries are purely subjective, purely what YOU make of them. Beyond that, they’re endless! They’re measureless! They’re Multidimensional! Just what YOU need for a dimensional expansion program – isn’t it?

– Small portion of back cover of mind-expanding Spacemate box set

See also You have to PUT IN to GET BACK.

Jeff Stendec (August 1, 1993)

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