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[Jon Wayne; Texas Funeral (September 27, 1994)]

The word on the street is that the “alt-country” album Texas Funeral (mysteriously or perhaps not, this album is available at Wal-Mart) was created by a touring punk band that rued their time spent in the lone star state. Revenge came in the form of a slew of Texas-themed Texas-named Texas songs (“Texas Wine,” “Texas Polka,” “Texas Jail Cell”, etc) and a stereotyped racist drunk redneck for a lead singer. Spoken between gritted teeth as if pronouncing the end of an argument.
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Related: On the adult children’s show Wonder Showzen a rubbery puppet representing the “red” states of the United States (“Middle America”) sounding suspiciously like the current acting US president spoke convincingly of his legacy:

“I understand you got a lot to say to the boys and girls.”
“Uhhh yep, I also wanna make some words at ’em too.”
“Well, go ahead.”
“Well, guyp ... gelp ... hooey, and uh ... TEXAS.”

Related: An old Carol Burnett sketch parodying “Dallas” had a voice-over announcer who would intone the name of the show in the middle of conversations, confusing and annoying the characters: “TEXAS.”

Jeff Stendec (1999)

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