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party poker

That’s all I need.

[The Jerk; Steve Martin (December 14, 1979)]

A statement of complete contentment, when it is usually obvious that you are not. Often followed by a list of items that are the only other things you need, with an occasional “and that’s all I need” thrown in for good measure. Usually, when invoking this macro, items from the movie are thrown in at random (lamp, magazine, matches, lamp, chair, magazine, remote control, paddle game, ashtray, not a Thermos® or a dog). Be sure to deliver this macro using a pathetic tone of voice, optionally making feeble scrabbling gestures with your hands.

“Then I’ll get enough money for the speakers ... and that’s all I need. And this ... this paddle game. So the speakers and the paddle game ... that’s all I need, not one other thing.”

Neal Manson (1985)

There was a Visa card radio commercial in 1997 that made the reference without acknowledging the source. Can’t remember the whole thing:

“I’d like a pack of gum, and that’s all I need. And this <y>. Not one other thing. This <x>, <y>, and <z>.”

Jeff Stendec

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