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party poker


I almost got my ass beat because of this word, even though I didn’t say it. Two of my friends and I were riding bikes down a side street, talking about fake derogatory words. We decided that “Tupperware” would be a good one. Five minutes later, we rode past two random guys.
“Tupperware!” one of my friends said to them. “What did you say?” One of ’em asked, in a pissed-off manner. “Yeah, Tupperware!” my other friend said. By that time we were nearly out of ear shot.

Ha ha. Very funny. We’ve got bikes, they’ll never catch us.

So we’re riding a little bit more, and we turn onto a larger street, and we heard this very loud noise behind us. We all sort of turned around and there’s a muscle car about five, six blocks down the road. You know. Down that side street. And for some reason, we all sort of knew who was inside it.


So we all shot off in different directions. I went down one side street, cut through a lawn, smashed into a house trying to negotiate a turn. They never followed me. They ended up following the friend who had a cast on his arm. One guy caught up with him and hooked his hand underneath my friend’s bike seat, at which time he applied his cast to the guy’s face in a rapid and forceful manner.

We all met up later to discuss our experiences over nice refreshing sodas.

Jeff Stendec (August 30, 2001)

Tags: one word | personal