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Walt Disney Pictures presents: Blank Check.
Was that a macro?!?
Watch what you heat!
We spent three days in the desert.
Well, I bin zuppPPP!
We’re gonna need a bigger boat. (June 20, 1975)
We’re the liquor store men!
What concerns me is the rubbing and the temperature change
What does suck mean? (September 10, 1995)
What is it, boy? <x>? (1954)
What kind of charade ends with someone turning up dead? (June 13, 1999)
Which one of you <x>s is my <y>. (1984)
Who better to arm you for the future battle than <x>. (1993)
Who will get a kiss from me today?
Whoaaaaa! Where’s the fire? (December 20, 1992)
Who’s that eating that nasty food? Nasty boys! (1986)
Why don’t we all <x>. (December 16, 1987)
Why don’t you disconnect your own buzzer! (October 23, 1981)
Wizard needs food – badly. (1985)
Would you like an <x> on that <y>?
Wrong glass, sir. (December 31, 1980)