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We’re the liquor store men!

[Kid’s Challenge]

There’s no better way to light a fire under my ass and laugh at my mad scramble for a blank videotape then to broadcast a Japanese children’s game show in which two tots (2½ & 1½ years old) have to deliver cases of Sapporo beer to a random apartment, sans chaperone. The program is called “Kid’s Challenge” and later tasks required (1) a set of twins to mail some packages and pick up strawberries (2) a three-year-old to purchase a baby bottle nipple (3) a young boy to purchase milk formula for his younger brother, bringing a “magic stick” along that he uses to press buttons on an elevator (just like that mind puzzle with the height-differentiated individual and the rain reception cancellation device). The careful viewer will notice several bystanders suspiciously holding low-slung bags, caught on film by one of their own, running around in the background trying to get the best shot of the oblivious “contestants.” Their exhaltation upon reaching the apartment was followed a later declaration of a problem common to liquor store men: “I gotta go poo!” Watch for a series of Infant Reality Shows on Fox (“LCD in 2D!”) this fall.

Jeff Stendec (October 9, 2001)

Tags: children | exclamation | japan | tv