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You have to PUT IN to GET BACK.

[Dancing for Mental Health (1983)]

The bizarre 1983 concept album Dancing for Mental Health featured several songs championing self-confidence and a positive outlook on life. Created by portrait photographer Lynn Goldsmith (“It’s the one and only comedy self-help dance record”) in collaboration with several major recording artists on Island Records under the fictional name “Will Powers,” the track “Kissing with Confidence” hit #3 on the UK charts, fetauring an uncredited Carly Simon on vocals (“I did not know that ‘Kissing with Confidence’ was ever a hit anywhere. I never saw a penny from royalties”). Another song, “Adventures in Success” (co-written by Goldsmith and “Sting”) was released in an extended version which featured additional spoken lyrics that devolve into a unit-pushing free fall:

“... Your relationships will become more meaningful. But you must do one thing. You must go to the store and buy this record. You must not borrow it, you must not tape a copy from a friend. You must not ask anyone to ‘pick it up’ for you. This is an investment in yourself. YOU must PUT OUT to GET BACK. YOU must take responsibility in order to begin ... your adventures ... in ... success.”

The phrase is used as a stern reminder that nothing is free, not even comedy self-help dance EPs.

Jeff Stendec

Tags: music