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party poker

Your total is zero; please pull around.

Maybe you were lucky in high school. Maybe you didn’t have a part-time job in the food service industry. You did? Well, maybe you didn’t have to run the fryer. Oh, you did? Well, at least you didn’t have to wear a paper hat. Right? Oh.

It’s a little unreasonable to expect someone to work in fast food conditions, for fast food wages, and be absolutely loyal to the Corporation. Thus, when our car arrived at the drive-through window 15 minutes before closing, the following dialogue ensued while our friend was trapped inside:

“Welcome to Wendy’s. Can I take your order?”
<pause for recognition – then continue in dead-pan voice>
“Your total is zero; please pull around.”

I don’t remember exactly how much food our friend gave us, but it was a LOT. Especially appropriate with two people, when you both realize you’re getting something for nothing.

Neal Manson (1997)

Tags: money | personal