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Tag: ad.

All <x> all the time
And I hayulped!
And in my homeland.
And they can’t fly EITHERRRR!!!
And we’ll paint the mother pink.
At home. At work. In your car.
Available from all fine stores! And K-mart.
Because I’m J.J.! I’m dee OWNER! and ... I’m ... da ... KING of beepers!
Build a super system that will turn friends green with envy.
But wait, there’s more! { Now how much would you pay? }
Clear ... Amoco® clear.
Difference macro
Disclaimer Burst
Duuude, club!
He was the funniest GUY!
Hey good looking, we’ll be back to pick you up later!
Hey little guy ...
Hey man, I get the dog.
I cut the deck, and they’re ALL aces!
I used to be an <x>. Now, I’m a computer programmer!
I’ll remove his <x> for <n> dollars!
I’m not an <x>, but I play one on TV.
In Japan, the hand can be used like a knife.
Let me crazy.
Move over, bacon!
Strong hold, behold!
Thank you, Vidal.
That’s salon thinking!
<verb> it <preposition> and <verb> it <preposition>!
<x> ... MURDER.
<x> any second now ... any second now.
<x>, for breakfast?
<x>, I think I love you!
<x>, now with Retsyn®.
<x>? You’re soaking in it!
You may not like me now ... but I’m drinking milk.